Customer 360

Because your customers demand meaningful, personalized interactions, Talend unites and repairs fragmented customer data to give you an actionable 360-degree view of the customer

Get real insight with healthy data

Providing your customers with the best experience starts with deep insights based on data you can trust. Talend brings together customer data from almost any source — live or historical — so you can make real-time decisions about campaigns and customer engagement. Build better experiences across the full life of the customer and improve  LTV. 

Establish trust with your customer

Your customers trust you to provide relevant offers and experiences — while safeguarding their personal data. Talend lets you reconcile and cross-reference data across all your sources to build a secure golden customer record. And with data quality and governance functionality, you can easily use and share customer data without fear of mishandling sensitive PII. 

Cut frustration with frictionless data flows

To keep your customer 360 initiatives agile and your business competitive, you need to foster trust in the data based on its quality and ensure access and discoverability of that data for your entire organization. Talend provides a unified data platform for the entire organization, where data engineers, analytics, and marketers can all use and share data. 

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We weren’t prepared to make any compromises as far as data quality is concerned. By using Talend Data Quality, we were able to standardize and clean our data.

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Thousands of customers depend on Talend when critical decisions can't wait

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Make quality the foundation for your business

Choosing the right data quality solution is essential for your business. See why Talend is named as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Quality Solutions for the 5th time in a row.

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