The Birth of the FAE Bot

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It is 2018, and too many repetitive tasks are still conducted by humans. I don’t understand why growing food is not 100% automated by now. Or rather, I understand it, but this is perhaps more of a political discussion.

What is interesting is that this possibility has been put on hold for so long that we have now reached the point where the tech available to mere hobbyists makes it possible. 

I have been interested for quite a while in how one could use a quadcopter to build and assemble stuff. The idea of being able to move a tool in a huge 3D space opens up a lot of possibilities.

But quadcopters have their own constraints:  they vibrate, they are not very precise, the are not very strong, and they can’t stay in flight for very long, etc… A wirebot allows for a similar amount of freedom of movement with fewer constraints

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